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Water is undoubtedly our greatest natural resource. It's everywhere so we dont ever need to worry about having enough water right? Wrong! Many groundwater supplies here in North America have been declining for decades! An increase in runoff issues due to the increase of non-permeable surfaces carries much of the water directly to rivers or oceans preventing it from soaking in and repleneshing necessary groundwater supplies. Rainwater Harvesting is a grass roots approach to this problem. This method of catching the water that lands on your roof and storing it safely is simple, economical, comes in any size, and holds many advantages to rain catching methods of the past. This water that would otherwise be wasted allows each homeowner to do their part while enjoying the benefits of a stored water supply. This water can be used to water your garden beds, wash your car or even be used to power a water feature.


Aquascapes East installs the RainXchange system. It is a collection of simple components that can be combined in a variety of arrangements allowing the flexibility for any setting. In a residential setting water is often collected from the downspouts on the home. This water is then conveyed to a hidden underground cistern. The cistern or basin is lined in a durable, flexible rubber liner. Within this liner membrane is a collection of cubes packed tightly together. These cubes, or Aquablox hold open 98% of the space they occupy and allow water to flow freely through them. At the same time these Aquablox are incredibly strong. Able to sustain the weight of heavy equipment passing over them, they easily endure the weight of any landscape covering. They can even be completely hidden in a lawn or under a driveway. Water from the cistern can then be utilized to suppliment normal usage or power a decorative water feature!


Runoff from impervious surfaces has had an increased detrimental effect on our natural waterways. Most towns do not allow more than a specific percentage of any lot to be covered with impervious surfaces such as driveways and patios. If you are encountering this problem with developing your own property the solution is simple. Permeable paving! Permable paving allows rainwater to pass through the paved surface and percolate directly into the ground below or collected for later use. Permeable surfaces reduce lot coverage quantities, replenish local water tables, and reduce pollution of local water bodies. Available in a variety of material choices permeable paving is a stylish and environmentally concious solution.