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Many corporate or commercial settings are utilitarian by nature. Too often these spaces feel stark and uninviting. Many companies are realizing that making a commercial space inviting and comfortable is well worth the investment. Aquascapes East can help your business make your workspace more welcoming to both  clients and employees alike.


Using a water feature installation at the entrance of your business invites prospective clients to come in for a closer look. Water is a natural attention grabber. With a PONDLESS WATERFALL or HYBRID FOUNTAINSCAPE adjoining your roadside sign, in place of a basic collection of landscape plants, you are sure to get noticed. Drivers and pedestrians are sure to take note of your entrance and will come to associate your business with the unique and intriguing appeal that only waterscapes create.


Water features in the workplace aren't just for impressing new clientele. Many businesses are also recognizing the benefit of making the workplace as comfortable as possible for their employees. Placing value in employees by giving them comfortable spaces and quality ammenities is associated with better production and healthier workplace environments. Outdoor spaces can be utilized to create relaxing retreats for hard workers. Water features stimulate meditative thought and are natural stress relievers. Incorporating water features into courtyards or outdoor patio areas will improve morale and stimulate interaction.