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For many of us having a home on the water would be a dream come true. Taking a dip in the lake on a moment's notice or sitting waterside to relax for a short while could really ease the tension of a long hard day. Trying to find a home on the water that is affordable can be nightmare though. Why not think outside the box and bring the water to you.


Swimming ponds are a great solution to achieving our waterfront dreams. Sure it may not be as large as the lake you were dreaming about but it is able to deliver all the same benefits and is exclusively yours. Essentially a swimming pond is an thoughtfully constructed pond that is meant for recreational use. We create a natural looking swimming pool with all of the same components as a pond. Diving rocks, tunnels and underwater caves can all be incorporated into the design not to mention water jets, water slides, and fiber optic lighting! These ponds can be deep or shallow with natural seating areas. They can even be constructed to accommodate our four legged friends. Unlike a pool a swimming pond is a work of art that can be enjoyed while staying dry. Meditative, soothing sights and sounds are always there to be enjoyed.


We understand that swimming ponds may not be for everyone. We also know that swimming ponds can be the best deal on the market when it comes to backyard aquatic recreation. A staple on fine European estates for centuries swimming ponds can be created in larger sizes for less money than a conventional in-ground pool. They also deliver amazing ambiance and set the stage for a show-stopping backyard garden. Rest assured these swimming ponds are a sanitary option to a natural body of water. With water so clean and clear it can supports schools of brightly colored fish you'll wonder why anyone chooses a conventional pool over the swimming pond lifestyle.