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Swamps, bogs or marshes no matter what you call them they are all wetlands. A crucial part of our ecosystem, wetlands exist in every single state. These seemingly mucky landscapes are actually responsible for cleaning a great portion of our water supply. The specific ecosystem that forms within a wetland is a perfect storm for removing impurities from water. This prehistoric process occuring in our wetlands turns mucky organic waste into beautiful lush vegitation.


With all this experience in cleaning water, it only seems right that when we want to have the cleanest, clearest water we should do as the wetlands do. So that's exactly what we do with a wetland filter. We can pack all of the amazing benefits of a wetland into a package small enough to fit just about anywhere. Wetland filters appear to be lush shallow water areas from the surface but hidden below the thick cover of vegetation are layers of gravel intended to trap sediment and other items that make pond water cloudy. When water enters the bottom of the wetland filter it is allowed to spread out and therefore it slows down. Heavy sediments start to settle to the bottom of the filter. As water rises it passes through the layers of gravel that start out large and get smaller leaving more and more sediment behind with each layer. The roots of the plants above grow into this gravel and breakdown the sediment left behind. So wetland filters actually clean themselves by turning trapped materials into bright green foliage.


The wetland filters that we construct can be made to filter any body of water regardless of size. The modular design of the wetland components allow complete creativity when it comes to wetland size and shape. This means that a wetland can be added to any pond. If you have a man-made or natural pond that you can't seem to get clean with conventional filter methods then a wetland filter may be just the solution you are looking for. Adding a wetland filter to an existing pond is a simple process and will save you time and frustration for years to come.