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We all work hard and we all deserve a little rest and relaxation. Pond owners know that there is no better place to relax after a hard day than alongside the pond in their own backyard. Watching the fish as they lazily school around or listening to the soft gurgle of the stream flowing can drown out the noise of the work day. When constructed properly an ECOSYSTEM POND is an extension of nature. Made by the hands of man and modeled on the beauty of nature these water features become living ecosystems. The pond owner acts as a steward to a new and blossoming ecosystem while deriving all the meditative benefits of their own private  sanctuary.


The truth is there are many different ways to build a pond and not all pond installers agree which is the best. At Aquascapes East we construct ponds that are meant to create the platform for a living ecosystem. Nature has already perfected the process for maintaining crystal clear water. Our approach is to give mother nature all the things she needs in order to keep our pond clean and balanced for us, and so we use the ecosystem approach. The body of the pond is dug and many natural shelves and contours are worked into the design. Once lined with rubber all of these surfaces are covered in naturally placed rock boulders and pockets of gravel. These materials provide enormous amounts of surface area for living micro-organisms to take up residence. By providing the pond with a source of beneficial bacteria which will colonize these surfaces the natural rock and gravel are transformed into a giant bio-filter. Micro organisms are breaking down any excess nutrients on a biological level and cleaning the water 24/7. Water, as well as floating debris, is drawn from the surface of the pond into a hidden skimmer in the ponds edge. This is where the pump powering the system is stored allowing easy access. Using the water drawn through the skimmer to create a waterfall or stream maintains a well oxygenated water supply which allows the bacteria to be even more active in their cleansing of the water.


Each and every pond constructed by Aquascapes East, regardless of shape or size, is capable of supporting its own ecosystem. The beneficial bacteria is the less than flashy cornerstone of this ecosystem, but the potential for supporting life doesn't stop there. Adding aquatic plants to the pond helps to create a more natural look while helping to boost the efficiency of the system itself. Many aquatic plants help to filter the water by removing excess organic waste and turning it into lush vegetation. Waterlilies create resting places for lazy frogs or landing pads for passing dragonflies all the while effortlessly providing an impressive display of color adorning the pond's surface all summer long. Your may even notice a group of koi taking a break in the shade provided by the water lilies. Goldfish and koi provide constant entertainment for anyone wanting to waste away the hours taking in the full water garden experience.