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Recirculating fountain based water features, or fountainscapes can be installed in just about any garden or patio setting. Fountain pieces come in all shapes and sizes and can be formal statuary or natural objects such as bubbling rock boulders. Fountainscapes can be a simple bird bath or stacked slate urn but they can also be intricate arrangements of multiple fountain pieces. Because of their reduced size and often simple installation fountainscapes can be incorporated into just about any design without creating a financial burden on the homeowner.


Most fountainscapes are very simple systems. Their simplicity is the key to their versatility. Fountainscape constructions starts with the excavation of an underground storage area. Typically the amount of water needed to run a fountain piece is minimal so the basin can be very small as well. Once excavated the rubber lined basin is filled with strong space holding cubes called Aquablox. The fountain sits on this Aquablox layer and is plumbed to the pump in the easy access vault. Once all connections have been made a layer of decorative gravel is installed, covering the base of the fountain and the Aquablox below. Water running through the fountain will seem to disappear into this gravel bed.


Fountainscapes work great tucked into flower beds or alongside a winding garden path. Little touches of moving water can make a world of differnence for the ambience of a garden. Why stop there though? Combining a fountainscape with an ECOSYSTEM POND or PONDLESS WATERFALL can have jaw dropping results. Aquascapes East loves to build natural ponds and waterfalls. Taking one of these natural creations and combining it with a touch of formality by adding in a more formal fountainpieces takes it to a whole new level. The resulting resort-like atmosphere that is created by a HYBRID FOUNTAINSCAPE can give a face lift to any area. Thinking outside of the box and combining the best of both worlds makes building a Hybrid Fountainscape so much fun. Versatility and the endless variety of combinations that are possible is making this choice more and more popular with our clients.