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Having a water feature on your property, be it home or business, means you know how enjoyable it can be to take a moment of contemplation or relaxation enjoying the sights and sounds of moving water. Enjoying this moment over a cup of coffee before work or as your returning from your busy day can really help gear you up or calm you down. Once the sun goes down the soothing sounds are still there but the eye candy fades away with the sunlight.


A great many of us find that by the time we really get a chance to take a moment for ourselves the sun has long since set. Relaxing or dining on the patio at night can be a great way to unwind. By installing underwater lighting into your water feature you can create an ambiance that is both elegant and relaxing. Light reflected by the ripple of a waterfall creates an ever-changing and soothing stage for relaxation or entertaining. Underwater lights are very small and can be fit into any water feature highlighting falling water or swimming fish. Some lighting systems can even slowly fade from one color to another automatically.

EASY AS 1-2-3

Underwater lighting is low voltage and safe for use in water. Most systems are modular and therefore no job is too large or too small and every job is affordable. A new underwater lighting system can be installed on any existing water feature, typically in a matter of hours. Many feature an automatic transformer that can be programmed to come on when the sun goes down and go off at the hour of your choosing. Lighting is available in many sizes, colors and effects. We are happy to devise a lighting plan that will help you showcase your water feature.