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Any pondowner in our area will tell you that even though those changing leaves are beautiful they can be a real maintenance issue. Many ponds are equipped with skimmers which will remove debris floating on the surface. When the leaves drop every fall sometimes the skimmers can't keep up. If these leaves get waterlogged and sink to the bottom they can decompose over winter and cause maintenance issues for the following season. Many pond owners are forced to remove these leaves with a hand held net on a regular basis. Smart pond owners know that there is a MUCH easier way. Having your pond netted for the fall season may be a little unsightly but it can sure save you precious time and money in the long run.


Of course we would like to prevent as many leaves as possible from entering the pond. Installing the net before the leaves start to fall would be the ideal approach. This, unfortunately is a timing that is beyond our influence. Ponds are often netted from the middle to end of September until the end of November. It is important to make sure that your net is removed before the snow starts to fall. Snow can weigh down the net and prevent removal if the net becomes frozen in the pond.  While keeping leaves out altogether is a little far fetched, this will certainly do a much better job than any pond owner can on their own. Make sure to schedule your netting early so that we can ensure you a spot in the calendar before the leaves start to fall.