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What do you do for a living?

No matter what kind of proffesional you are we know you take pride in your work. At Aquascapes East we build water features! Just water features...that's it! We don't mow lawns, we don't trim hedges or cut down trees and we certainly don't do windows! We do, however, build customized water features to fit any space and every budget. Creating and maintaining these unique creations is our hobby, our passion, and our proffession. We look forward to helping you transform your outdoor spaces and create your very own backyard paradise.

So who's in charge around here?

Tom Dieck - Owner/ Lead Designer

Tom has been building water features in the Westchester area for more than 30 years. As a successful landscape designer and installer he has witnessed the popularity for residential water features first hand. Tom knows that in order to build great water features you need to have a well trained team that understands the value of both reliable construction and artistic creativity. As owner of TRD Designs Tom decided to create a new division, Aquacapes East, in 2013. This division would be completely dedicated to water feature construction and maintenance.

Look who's helping out!

Julie Minard - Office manager

Julie handles all of the bookkeeping for Aquascapes East. It is likely to be her friendly voice you hear on the other end of the line when you call us. Julie has been with us since 2015, her help and hard work has been a priceless addition to our team. With her in charge of keeping the financials in order it has allowed Tom and the rest of the team to concentrate on delivering the best service possible to our clients.

Dylan Arlotta - Operations manager/ Designer

Dylan has been building water features in the Hudson valley area since his sophmore year in high school. With 20+ years of water feature industry experience he has installed hundreds of one of kind water features throughout the tri-state area. His eye for balance and design and his ability to infuse his knowledge into each project helps Aquascapes East deliver one of kind natural creations.

Fred Hofweber - Construction foreman

After nearly 2 decades working for a top notch local tree service Fred was ready for a change. We like to think that building natural water features is great way of staying grounded. As an experienced in field foreman Fred is eager to get his hands dirty but Fred also acts as a liaison between the client and the design. Absorbing and communicating the needs of our clients as while prioritizing the demands of the jobsite; Fred’s role is invaluable to maintaining the level of artistry and service we expect to deliver to our clients.

Alvaro Pinto - Installation Team

Alvaro has been installing and maintaining water features for more than 5 years. A hard worker with an upbeat attitude is a great resource for any team. Alvaro's positve and inquisitive nature helps to drive the creativity of the team through the labor intensive artisitc process and of course keep us laughing.

Antonio Melchior - Installation Team

Antonio has been a critical part of our water building saga for nearly 10 years now. Sometimes large complicated projects can be overwhelming. We can always count on Antonio to keep his cook, pick his own part of the project and see it through with passion. Day in and day out Antonio keeps us rolling.

Cristino Ozorio - Installation Team

Cristino is one of the newest members of our water feature construction team but he is more than we could have hoped for in a rookie. A quick learner with a great eye, we expect to see big things from Cristino. His never say die work ethic coupled with his 15 years of experience in high level landscape installation will be crucial to making sure all of our projects turn out perfectly.