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While we strive to create water features that require as little maintenance as possible the truth is that no feature is completely maintenance free. We also understand that some folks would be happier knowing that a professional was tending to any of these needs while they were able to just enjoy the beauty that their water feature provides. Aquascapes East is happy to provide our customers with regular maintenance packages. During each stop a pond technician will be able to evaluate the state of your water feature and address issues before they become bigger problems.


EVERYTHING, if that's what you want. We are happy to customize our regual visits to fit your needs. Common services include:
  • Filter cleanings
  • Beneficial bacterial treatments
  • Water quality testing
  • Aquatic plant pruning and propigation
  • Basic pruning of surrounding landscaping
  • Service to low voltage or underwater lighting
  • Water changes
  • Fish medication applications
  • Minor gravel and mulch touch up additions
  • Debris removal


If you would like to follow the hands free approach and let Aquascapes East take care of your feature we are happy to accomodate. Most customers opt for monthly visits but quaterly or bi-weekly options are available as well. Just let us know that you would like us to create a service package customized to your water feature. We would be happy to come out to your place and discuss what your feature needs and give you suggestions on what the best approach might be.