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A pondless waterfall is any flowing stream or waterfall without an open body of water at it's end. A "pondless", for short, can be designed in a large variety of styles. A pondless can be a tall crashing series of waterfalls meant to draw lots of focus or attention. A pondless may also be a slow meandering stream that provides the same ambiance of a babbling brook running through your backyard. With all of your attention focused on the moving water you may hardly notice that the water seems to disappear into a small bed of gravel.


Hidden beneath the simple gravel bed is the pondless basin. When construction begins on a pondless waterfall the first step is usually the excavation of the pondless basin. The size of the basin depends on the length and width of the waterfalls that will be created. This basin is designed to hold twice as much water as might be moving in the feature at any point in time. Once the basin has been excavated it is ready for a layer of underliner fabric which will protect the waterproof rubber liner that gets installed on top of it.

Strong structural plastic crates, called Aquablox, are installed on top of this liner. They will hold open 98% of the space in the basin for water storage. An easy access vault is also installed into the basin. This vault is installed at the lowest point of the basin and will contain the pump that powers the waterfall. After the waterfall is constructed a layer of gravel will be applied to the top of this basin hiding all man-made materials completely.


Choosing the right pondless waterfall for your site depends on the mood you want to create. Some heavily sloped areas that would be hard to fashion into a garden make great sights for grand pondless waterfalls. Other yards are completely flat and require a little more materials and imagination in order to create a natural looking elevation. Many times it takes a consultation with a professional installer to illuminate all the possibilities your yard might hold. Aquascapes East can help you determine which style and budget are right for you. Often times a pondless is only the centerpiece of a backyard design. No matter what style you choose a well built pondless waterfall will tie into the surrounding landscape creating a series of natural planting beds.