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If you asked the average American what their dream home looked like you might not be surprised to hear a pond or a lake in that description. Humans are attracted to water and of course we need it to survive but we also find it pleasing just to enjoy it's presence. Waterfalls, streams, ponds and lakes can be real assets to the value of not only a home but also the lifestyle available to anyone living there. If you are lucky enough to have a home or business that plays host to a large body of water like a pond or a lake you already know how valuable it is to know that the beauty of nature is just on the other side of that window.


Sometimes ponds and lakes fall short of our expectations of crystal clear waters fed by soothing babbling brooks. In fact many ponds could be described as stagnant and murky. Poor water quality and lack of movement within the pond usually lead to less than pleasing conditions like cloudy ponds or foul odors. Algae and other pond scum organisms start to cover the surface and any chance of the picturesque setting you were hoping for quickly disappears. Other bodies of water suffer from shore erosion or silty runoff from the surrounding area, boosting the levels of nutrients in the pond and compounding the problem.


When a body of water isn't moving enough the top of a pond can heat up quickly while the lower portions of the pond can remain much cooler. This warmer layer of water on the surface is a prime growing condition for all of the unsightly invaders that plague many ponds and lakes. When a pond can be circulated and the cooler water from the bottom mixes with the thin warm layer on the top the temperature is lowered significantly making it very hard for anything to grow. By utilizing a surface fountain or a sub-surface aeration system you can maintain a convection current that keeps your pond's surface much cooler and much cleaner.


Reasons for improving a shoreline on a pond or lake may be a matter of soil retention or ease of maintenance. It may be even be simply aesthetic in nature. Improvements like aquatic plantings or large boulders placed along the water's edge can be cheap ways of beautifying your shoreline and creating more inviting access while maintaining a completely natural setting. Blending the body of water with the surrounding area in a way that makes maintenance easy is the goal.