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So you're thinking of enhancing your yard with a water feature but you don't know the first thing about them. If taking care of fish or maintaining an ecosystem in your backyard just sounds like too much comitment for you, we get it! Maybe the PONDLESS WATERFALL is the choice for you. Pondless waterfalls showcase the spectacle of moving water by recirculating water from a hidden chamber underground. Pondless waterfalls deliver the maximum amount of impact with as little maintenance as possible. A pondless waterfall forgoes the typical pond for an underground pondless basin. This little change makes all the difference. The basin stores all the water needed to run the feature, out of sight. Without a pond there are no fish to take care of and no water clarity concerns. Pondless waterfalls give all the mesmerizing benefits of cascading water without the maintenance required to keep fish happy. A win-win situation!


On the surface pondless features can be large and impressive crashing waterfalls or a soothing babbling brook. They can be constructed to fit any length, width or height depending on the setting. Once a site has been chosen a basin is dug into the ground. Lined with rubber liner and filled with structural hollow cubes known as Aquablox these basins can be made to any size or shape. This is where water to run the feature will be stored. With an easy acess vault that houses a submersible waterfall pump installed into the basin there is no unsightly external plumbing. Once the waterfall has been constructed water running through the pondless feature appears to dissappear into a bed of gravel which has been used to disguise the subterranean storage area.


Unlike a pond, where it is important to keep the water moving all the time, with a pondless waterfall this just isn't necessary. Turn it on or off whenever you like. Many clients choose to put their pondless waterfalls on timers to conserve electricity. Most pondless waterfalls utilize an Aquasurge adjustable flow pump. With just the touch of a button the flow in the falls can be increased or decreased to suit any mood. Push the center button to turn the falls off, give it another push and the falls start flowing again.